• One of the Legal Matters to Understand as Parents get Older

    When parents start to age, they might have a more difficult time handling everything on their own. Certain ailments like dementia or Alzheimer’s can make it almost impossible for the person to live on their own and handle their day to day lives.

    In other cases, they might be able to live on their own but have trouble with their finances or are temporarily unable to deal with certain issues in their lives and will need short-term help. When parents start to get old, their children might want to look into guardianship to help and protect them.

    Full Guardianship

    Full Guardianship is usually obtained when the elderly person is no longer to handle their own finances or medical decisions. A full guardianship gives the chosen person the ability to handle everything from finances to medical decisions and even decisions on where they’ll live for the elderly person. 

    Temporary Guardianship

    Sometimes, a …

  • Reviewing Child Custody Laws In Oklahoma

    In Oklahoma, child custody is determined through a divorce agreement or during a separate hearing after a divorce trial. Once the arrangement is established, it is the responsibility of each parent to fulfill all obligations and provisions defined in the court order. Any failure to comply with the order could lead to actionable circumstances. A local attorney provides parents with guidance about Child custody laws.

    Parenting Courses for All Parents

    Typically, before a child custody hearing, the parents are required to participate in a parenting course. The course shows them techniques for co-parenting the child after the divorce. The course explains how to prepare their children for a life that is separate from the marriage. It also provides them with ways to manage requirements for the child without creating a hostile environment.

    Providing Visitation with the Child

    Visitation orders are strict and require the parents to follow the plan …