Various Order Picking Techniques to Use for Warehouse Management

We all know that warehouse management and efficiency is a..

Various Order Picking Techniques to Use for Warehouse Management

We all know that warehouse management and efficiency is a difficult task to maintain. Have you ever thought that how the suppliers can match up with the competition? One of the major sectors where the warehouse can improve the system is by the order picking techniques. The supply chain executives are always faced with the newer challenges like the reducing labor prices but on the other hand, the customers are placing more orders regularly. The labours can work more even having the less distribution operation is by improving the order picking productivity. As the customers are also ordering items in small quantities, they are under the pressure of lower costs by lowering the inventories.

The business sectors are having the challenge in how to do more with the less labours in the distribution operation. Thu, they are looking for the opportunities in how to increase the order picking productivity. Here are some of the ways by which the order picking techniques can benefit the warehouse management, let us have a look-

  1. Piece picking

In this case, one single order is picked from the line at a time. It is one of the simplest types of order picking methods common at the warehouses. In this picking option, the items are kept at the storage racks from where one single item is picked and they are packaged. Here, there are no scheduled orders and the orders are picked during any time of the day. The advantages of this type of order are that it is simple and fast process. It is also used for tracking the accuracy of the picker.

  1. Wave picking

This is the combination of the zone and the batch picking. Here, several pickers move in the zone picking up the orders and picking the items from those zones only. This creates the feel of the wave of picking of the orders in the warehouse. This type of picking is possible where there is more numbers of SKUs in the warehouse. The benefits of this type of picking is that the individual sorting is done later and thus, more items of same size and shape can be picked.

  1. Zone Picking

Here, the order pickers are given specific zones inside the warehouse and all the pickers are responsible for picking the SKUs from that particular zone only. This type of picking is suitable for the area where there are numerous orders come at a time. Here the pickers are given a particular zone and thus there is less interference of other pickers.

Some of the other types of picking options include the batch picking, pick the box and the cluster picking. Each one of the varieties has their particular benefits. While keeping the order, the warehouse racking takes place where the orders are kept in the racks before packing.