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A Guide Radon Gas Radon gas is a gas that..

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A Guide Radon Gas

Radon gas is a gas that does not have taste, color or even smell. Radon is a by-product of the reactive element radium. Radium itself is a chemical element that is positioned at number 86 of the periodic table. The radioactive decay process that leads to production of radon gas comes from uranium, thorium, and radium. It is a heavy gas that is easily inhaled. Naturally influenced breakdown of uranium in soil, water and soil produces an element of radon gas. This particular gas leave the ground naturally and get into structures via cracks and tiny holes. Radon gas has been identified as a major water contaminant; from the soil and rocks underneath, radon seeps to the underground water, well water, spring, and even hot springs

Facts about radon gas is that it has been identified to contain carcinogen a major contributor to lung cancer. Indoor air that is a mixture of normal gas and radon gas is of poor quality. Inhaling radon gas negatively impact on the health of dwellers. The level of radon gas in nature differ from one location to another due to the geology variation. Special tools must be used to perform radon gas test for the sake of mitigating its threat.

To assess and verify the presence of radon gas in a place or building, unique testing methods should be used. Depending on one’s preference, radon testing can be a subject of testing by the very person, or an expert tester can be hired. Radon testing kits are used to assess and quantify the radon gas in a building or surrounding. The radon gas testing kit is a package for assessing the gas, and it has a detailed instruction on how to do the test.

The passive radon gas testing tools merit in that it is manually operated without power. Some of these testing kits are alpha track detectors and charcoal canisters. The active radon testing kits are operated with the help of power. The active testing kits analyze, quantify and record the radon gas.

When the final result concerning radon gas are out, a house occupant is provided with a ground on where to start and what to do against the same. Presence of radon gas traces in the surrounding calls for immediate action. Methods that support mitigation of radon gas need to be utilized in a location where its level are high and present. Some of the strategies that can be used to mitigate radon gas are soil suction, house pressurization, use of heat recovery ventilator just to mention but a few. Sucking radon gas off the soil drives it away. Sealing holes and cracks on structure surface can aid in fighting radon gas spread. Radon in water sources can be mitigated by using aeration gadgets and charcoal filters.

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